“Why don’t I ask for help?” Factors influence academic helpseeking among primary students in Jakarta, Indonesia


Many students encounter academic difficulty when they are trying to understand new materials, and undertaking in-school tasks, doing assignments and doing homework. When students face these issues, it is useful for their learning if they are first aware of the need for assistance. When students seek assistance from someone else they are not only able to potentially resolve their immediate problems but they are also in a better position to improve their problem solving skills, and their learning. Students that engage in such academic help seeking will be more able to solve similar problems where they need academic help in the future.

The general purpose of this research is to gain a better understanding about the nature of academic help seeking in academic settings in Indonesia. This study aims to find out why some students are reluctant to seek help when they need it the most. Specifically, it will explore factors that influence academic help seeking behaviour among students in primary school in Jakarta Indonesia.

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Annual research report 2012

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