Indonesian primary school teachers’ perceptions on students’ academic help-seeking behaviour


Many students encounter academic difficulty when they are trying to understand new materials and undertaking in-school tasks. When students face these issues, it is useful for their learning if they are first aware of the need for assistance. Seeking academic help when students facing difficulties is considered to be an adaptive behaviour. Students that engaged in such academic help-seeking will be more able to solve similar problems where they need academic help in the future. However, many studies have found that some students are reluctant to seek academic help. Today, Indonesian education system is undertaking a paradigm shift from teacher centred approaches to student centred learning approaches. Under this new paradigm, student has a much more central role in the processes of learning. Therefore, teachers need to be able to encourage students’ activity in learning processes including asking for academic help when they need it.

The general purpose of this research is to gain a better understanding about the nature of academic help-seeking in academic settings in Indonesia. This study aims to investigate the Indonesian primary schools teachers’ perceptions on students’ academic help-seeking behaviour. Twenty one teachers from five primary schools in Jakarta participated in individual interviews or focus group interviews in this study. Data analysis using QSR NVIVO 10 software involves coding of data sets into different main themes and examining them for linkages, relationships and exemplars were used in this study.

Results indicated that teachers hold the beliefs that students’ academic help-seeking is an important behaviour and that it is their obligation to promote this behaviour in the classroom. However, teachers also identified factors that may support and inhibits students’ academic help-seeking. By understanding teachers’ attitudes, beliefs and behaviours towards their students’ academic help-seeking behaviour, this study hopefully can increase teachers’ awareness of the important of academic help seeking behaviour. Also, help teachers to provide conducive learning environment to promote students’ academic helpseeking in the future.


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