Studi Deskriptif Perilaku Mencari Bantuan Akademik Mahasiswa FIP UNJ


 Soon or later students will need help to overcome the academic difficulty, but many of them reluctant to seek help when they need it the most. The objective of this study is to describe types of help-seeking develop by students’. The research design was non experimental study and the subject is students from Faculty of Education (N=196) selected to fill in a set of questioners. Findings of this study shows; 1) 39.3% students’ develop adaptive help-seeking, 2) 29.1% students’ develop avoidant covert help-seeking, 3) 19.9% students’ develop executive help-seeking.  In general, this research shows that only 39.3% students’ have adaptive behaviour related to help-seeking, while other students (60,7%) develop maladaptive help-seeking behaviour. My suggestion for the next research is choosing different sample and develop other measurement for types of help-seeking.

keyword: academic help seeking