Gambaran Kemampuan Membaca Pemahaman (Reading Comprehension) Siswa SD Kelas Tinggi Di Jakarta Timur


This study investigated students’ reading comprehension. The subjects are students at grades 5 and 6 (N=283) selected to fill in a structure of questioners to asses their ability on reading comprehension. Findings of this study shows 1) most of students’ reading comprehension (67.1%) are at middle level, 2) the ability of literal comprehension (91,35%) (2 )the ability of interpretation (78,27%), (3) critical comprehension (71,2%) and (4) the ability to understand word in context (64,35%). There are no differences between gender and grades in reading comprehension. My suggestion for the next research is choosing different sample and develop other measurement for reading comprehension.

keyword: reading comprehension; literal comprehension; interpretation; critical comprehension; word in context

Peneliti: Fellianti Muzdalifah; Ratna Dyah Suryaratri